The Partysquad – Rising Sun

No music has the universal appeal like reggae music. Reggae’s pure, unrelenting optimism transcends every culture, race, and continent. Even when the saddest of lyrics about the bleakest of topics (although rare, think Marley’s “War”) can feel like the happiest of songs when coupled with some steel drums and a reggae beat. Because reggae simply equals good vibes.

As I write this, I’m on a boat motherfuckers. Cruising through the Caribbean and en route to Jamaica for the first time. Likewise, I want nothing but “Irie” emotions and tropical music blaring at all times. While the ship I’m on isn’t providing too much beyond elevator music and Party Rock, it’s given me the prime opportunity to make a dope ass playlist to blare while I read and sip on Red Stripes and maybe venture to Bob Marley’s home tomorrow. The Partysquad is a welcome addition to this playlist.

When it comes to modern, dubstep-infused reggae, the discussion kind of starts and ends with the current king of EDM: Major Lazer (I wish I knew more…). The Partysquad’s “Rising Sun” is as close to the Major Lazer sound I’ve found on the Cloud, and the Dutch outfit does either a damn good imitation or were a precursor. They were actually featured on “Original Don,” so the link between the two sounds makes perfect sense. No restraint, just pure love

Take me away on a journey to the rising sun,
stay on that high till the morning comes…”

This song is nothing but a breath of fresh, wobbly air, carrying out reggae’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” motto with a distinctly modern twist. I love music like this that moves us forward while reminding me of so much of what I’ve loved in the past. All I want to rip out the boat’s music, insert my iPod, play this song followed by Major Lazer, and just see people’s reactions.

It’s just impossible not to smile, relax, and get lifted when listening to reggae, and that’s why I always find myself coming back to it. Even if you’re stuck in the snow for the New Year, this “Rising Sun” will shine some light reggae vibes into your life.  Close your eyes, and conquer those duppies.

The Partysquad – Rising Sun