ON AN ON – The Hunter


It’s not often that you come along a band whose sound is as refreshing as Chicago’s ON AN ON. Coming off their soon-to-be released freshman LP, Give In, “The Hunter” is a blissful hello. Staccato drums and lengthy keyboards kick and punch their way through a lush vocoder melody. Influences of stadium pop-rock soar through 80’s influences; ON AN ON’s sound is unique in a way that makes it difficult to pin them down in one genre. It’s masculine, it’s feminine, it’s pure and honest music making. Would I be going to far as to say they’re singer/songwriter honest being pushed through a synthesizer?

 You are a hunter, you know I’m coming
to take all your troubles and your worries away
If you’re not ready I might be persuaded to give you a moment to be fearful again.”

This track is really an anthem for the band. It begs to be blasted over a huge sound system – or better yet, heard live. It’s a promising second single from ON AN ON and a track I believe lends a bona fide ear for what’s to come when the LP drops on January 29th.

They’ll pray for you to come back, they’ll pray for you to come back.”

Yes, indeed.

ON AN ON – The Hunter