Big Boi – Higher Res (feat. Jai Paul and Little Dragon)


Now this is a collaboration I can get down to. None of the three artists spinning on this track are strangers to EMPT and having them come together is a bit of a dream I wish I dreamed just to say “Hey, I thought of this before it happened.” Here we are however and Big Boi has beat me to the punch. I will admit that when this single dropped early in December I wasn’t fangirling as much as I thought I would, but like most good things – it’s an acquired taste.

A sharp snare drum knits the track together and provides a solid beat to dance to if you’re not feeling too adventurous in getting down to Jai Paul’s schizophrenic 808 bumps and wobbling bass line. This track is Justin Timberlake and 50 Cent’s “Ayo Technology” re-vamped for the HD age. Jai Paul on the hook blatantly tells us he just wants to get it on in higher res, to “see it on the sick screen.”  Big Boi’s verse is scattered spoken virtual innuendo over a sharp production. There are moments in the track where it feels like we’re in the studio listening to these three artists jamming. The vibes they’re bouncing off one another are genuine and you can hear them get in their zones. While the track is distinctly Jai Paul, Big Boi and Little Dragon’s Yukimi’s styles aren’t lost. Rather, they’re amplified by the minimalist production. Yukimi has never sounded sexier than she does here with her seductive verse.

Don’t take this track for one spin. Spin it again and again. It’s hypnotizing and a real gem off Big Boi’s new album that leaves you wanting more.

Big Boi – Higher Res (feat. Jai Paul and Little Dragon)