HAIM – Send Me Down

These ladies are easily one of my favorite bands to emerge in 2012. Their ability to channel Fleetwood Mac while remaining present in the sounds of today is something I love. This song in particular has a feeling to it that I can describe all to well. It’s the same with much of their music, something that I am very aware of and will take every opportunity to praise — they possess a consistent character and personality. While three girls in a band could easily pass as poppy and bubbly, these ladies provide punch. With every song I’ve heard from them, attitude and spunk is apparent, as is with this track.

Like a game, love 
Only played in the wind.”

I listened to this song on my bike ride today, in an attempt to prevail against Winter and the wind. I’ve been terrified of going outside for any sort of exercise, channeling all my energy to the gym for the past few weeks. But today, it’s forty degrees outside and the sun is shining on the east coast. With this song and a smile, I know things are good.

Love this like I do, and seize the day!

HAIM – Send Me Down