Cash Cash – Overtime


Hot. Damn. This track is just straight fire. “Overtime” basically sounds like MadeonKnife PartyDaft Punk, and–yep–Marky Mark had a baby and that baby is extremely hyperactive and multi-faceted. This joints has got so much different sounds and samples going on in it that it probably shouldn’t work, but it most definitely does. Cash Cash has delivered a blast from the past and a shot to the future all in one.

My favorite aspect of electronic music is that it’s constantly reminding me of forgotten songs, ones I’ve never heard of, and sometimes even changing my perception of these songs. Yes, of course this means our favorite songs can be torn to shreds. But when a slight pluck of a vocal sample can be flipped on its ass and turned into an absolute party jam, it’s a beautiful thing. Mark Wahlberg’s brief rap career is generally dismissed as a gaff, but something very special aside from Dirk Diggler came from it.

It’ll be hard not to get pumped up about the weekend when Loletta Holloway‘s infectious hook enters your head. Coupled with this banging beat, set your weekend off

Cash Cash – Overtime