Volta Cab – Don’t Give Up

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Sundays are typically a day of rest where I like to recalibrate and recharge my batteries. And just do nothing. Then I come across a song like this that sets shit into motion.

I’ve written about Volta Cab before and if this track is any indication, he’s on the verge of blowing up in the feel good music realm. With other big releases in the pipeline, an especially tasty one on Glam Jam Artists, it’s a name that will likely storm the bloggosphere. “Don’t Give Up,” forthcoming on Illusion Records, is the total package.

I usually ignore or glaze over the lyrics in electronic music, and more and more, just all music in general. But this song is not like most electronically produced tracks. It’s a throwback–think Neo Soul with a Q-Tip twist–that fuses Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, and House–that seamlessly blends these genres into one very smooth package. And since we live in this beat-centric world, it’s rare I find lyrics that are just flat out relatable and pack a tight punch like these do.

Life is gona test you baby and people are gona stress you baby and I can only hope and pray you understand…

Sometimes I feel as if i can’t go on but I refuse to give up, I find the strength to be strong,

I know tomorrow is a brand new day, I refuse to give up, I find another way…

Some people tell me that I lost my mind but I refuse to give up so I won’t waste my time…

While I’m enjoying a lazy Sunday, this one’s making me want to get up and get moving–cause it’s important that we don’t ever give up.

Volta Cab – Don’t Give Up

p.s. Volta Cab‘s SoundCloud is a good place to be.