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Rihanna – Where Have You Been (Jr Blender Remix)


As a popular song gets remixed over and over again it’s proportionately more difficult to find good remixes, remakes or edits of the original. And just when I thought I had heard quite possibly every single Where Have You Been remix, Mr ShaveUrLegz himself lets me know that his favorite WHYB remix is one by Jr Blender. I think it’s over a year old and I hadn’t managed to get a listen a it.

Now, what happened the first I hit play was something I was not expecting. From the solo striking of those steel pans and through that melodic distorted synth under Rihanna’s slowed down vocals this remix is a tropical paradise. And if it all doesn’t sound good enough up until now, wait until you listen to the chorus part. It just sounds so right, meant to be and full of teleportation energy. It’s impossible not to fly in our minds to a tropical paradise over this song’s bridge.

So, please let me invite you on this musical journey to a place where Mai Tais and Bloody Caesars are de rigueur hand accessories. And when someone asks you where have you been, you’ll be able to tell this wonderful story of how for just 3 minutes and 40 seconds you escaped to this magical place called The World of Jr Blender.

Rihanna – Where Have You Been (Jr Blender Remix)




By Yaqui

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