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Lucy Pearl – Dance Tonight (Soulpersona Remix)



I wanna dance tonight
I wanna toast tonight
I’ll spend my money tonight
I wanna dance tonight.”

This could not be a more fitting track to end a hectic but exhilarating work week. These past two days have been go-go-go in the work world with little time for myself and sleep that the right thing to do would be to go to bed tonight, but I’ve got my stereo pumping this track and the groove is flowing through me. London based DJ/producer, Soulpersona, has infected Lucy Pearl’s opulent R&B single with a funk soul. The result is nothing short of Friday night goodness.

You may recall this track from the Love & Basketball soundtrack or you may just have solid taste in R&B. The original is a classic in my books. It has soul and beats that go down smooth. This remix, however, is inching closer and closer towards becoming my preferred version with each listen I give it. Soulpersona adds elements that I didn’t know were missing from the original track. Easy-going keyboard chords and some space-age synths render the song into a jam to get down to rather than a track easily suitable for early foreplay. “Dance Tonight” is as sexy as ever here.

Whatever your night ends up turning into, I hope it either begins or ends with this track. Press play, turn the music up, and get in the zone or press play, turn down the lights, and groove-on.


Lucy Pearl – Dance Tonight (Soulpersona Remix)