Dreams – Inlove.


I think it’s safe to say that my past 24 hours have been the sickest (not like SICK DUDE!, but sick sick) I’ve ever had. Thank God for Gatorade, Ibuprofen, soup, and Robitussin because this little piggy would have missed his first day at his new job and spent another day immobile in bed. Phew. While I was basically incapable of doing anything outside of trying to breathe (even raising my phone to text became laborious) I was able to pull my laptop to the lonely side of my full-size bed (you know…that side that’s supposed to sleep another person?) and use my limited muscle ability to navigate iTunes and Tumblr before falling asleep again and again.

This track – according to my iTunes counter – played over 20 times yesterday. While I’ve had this track going for a solid couple months now, I’ve never given it a proper, let alone 20x, listen through. Is it tacky to say I’m in love with “Inlove.”? It ambient and chill with a solid funk base – something I haven’t heard so well executed. Dreams is somewhat of an internet god. His whole aesthetic screams internet-art, 8-bit, and Windows 98 but his music has a timeless quality to it. Perhaps it’s his dedication to the funk of it all. Here he incorporates a melodic bass line that swoops in and around chopped up vocals and old-school keyboard jams. It all adds up to a lush soundscape worthy of laying in bed listening to on repeat (the dreams it can induce are quite something).

So while I wish none of you the day I had yesterday, I hope you get into the groove with this oldie-but-goodie for the modern day.

Dreams – Inlove.