Chrome Sparks – Send The Pain On

chrome sparks

The idea of a last first something is bittersweet. On one hand you’re excited/nervous/giddy at the prospect of starting something new. The door is wide open and the path ahead of you is fresh, clean, and waiting for you to carve your way through. On the other hand it’s the last time you’ll be standing before this doorway, and once you cross over the threshold that feeling of newness, that bright shiny polished feeling of the future begins to fade away. There’s a slight pinch in your gut; you know that the doorway you just walked through has shut, and while what lies ahead is unknown, there will always be a tiny feeling of longing for those moments standing before that door. Our lives will undoubtedly hold many first days, but the number of last first days is small and those days are especially important to take hold of, breathe in every moment, and honestly feel those butterflies in your stomach. It’s those butterflies that will keep you on your feet. I’ve found that those little guys fluttering around keep my perspective fresh; keep me alert, and keep me motivated.

Reflection at the end of first day is essential. What is it you want to carve? How will you manifest your goals? A solid soundtrack to this is obviously key. Back in December, Chrome Sparks dropped this single and all its wintery magic is perfect to unwind to. From it’s opening wind-down into a lush atmospheric synth melody, Jeremy Malvin instantly takes us to space while simultaneously chilling us out. A sample of some therapy session or recorded confession is muffled and crackling in the background bringing a haunting element to the track. It’s an honest song. The lyric “send the pain on” doesn’t feel contrived; it rather has an odd feeling of confidence – like Malvin is standing on the edge of some sublime space yelling to the world “come at me. I’m ready for you.” With each cathartic synth explosion (and believe me, the synths explode into something magical), Malvin’s cries begin to sound like commands. He’s challenging the world with the sound as his armor. For a track with a seemingly melancholy title, it’s actually quite joyous – euphoric in fact.

“Send The Pain On” is a lush soundscape worthy of low lighting, loud speakers, a pen, and a notepad (maybe even some wine, but that’s just my prerogative). At the end of a last first day you want to feel confident in whatever it is that’s ahead of you. You want to be able to say, “Hey world, I’m here. I’m ready. Send the pain on.” Because really, we probably aren’t ever totally ready, but convincing ourselves that we are is 3/4 of the battle. Keepin’ them butterflies in ya and opening yourself up to the confidence bursting in this track will get you through that last quarter.


Chrome Sparks – Send The Pain On