Tracy Chapman – Give Me One Reason (The Tailors Remix)


I really feel bad that I have been keeping this to myself longer than I should have been, I know I deserve a swift smack on the ass!

I love classics and I love blues and soul music, and I love Tracy Chapman!  For some reason when it comes to music I tend to really live in the past.  My music taste is much much older then my years, believe me.  Except now I am even more excited because you slap a remix onto my favorite classics and well…we don’t need to go into that right now, I am not trying to go NC-17 on you all, maybe next time.  Basically this is a panty dropper!  The Tailors do a great job of just tweaking the tempo and the beat just a tad, but not to much to make this the perfect lounge or beach track.

I am a total realist but certain energies of music especially artists like Tracy Chapman who you can just feel with every lyric and every musical note and movement, these are the songs that speed through the universe and just attach us to one another.  I was listening to the original and a different remix of this the other day and long story short found out Hector was listening to it as well all the way on the other side of the country and sent me this gem!…FAR OUT!

This track brings me back to the holidays, I know it’s been over for a month now but I can’t seem to get my mind away from the beach, the sexy people, the tropical rain showers and the ability to forget about anything else besides what is right in front of you.  Getting to do that is nearly impossible when you become an adult and have a busy life.  Where was I you might ask?  Barbados, The Sandy Lane to be exact!  It’s where the ballers run too during the holidays, musicians such as Puffy, Rihanna, designers, and on and on…  This was a last minute thing I got invited on and I almost wasn’t able to go, but man am I glad I did.  A week wasn’t enough, being around that lifestyle, those people, the whole atmosphere and energy is breath taking.  It puts you into a state of relaxation that is hard to grasp normally in our daily lives, but I must say my resolution is to make sure and try to do one trip like this a year, hopefully more, it doesn’t something amazing to your well being and the crazy lives we are all living in.

This track is really putting me back in that relaxed state that I was in on my trip in Barbados just lying in the sun and really being able to breath easy and let everything else go.

Press play and let this relaxing beauty, from a timeless classic, remind you of an unforgettable vacation you have had, and just live in it regardless of what’s going on around you, enjoy!

Tracy Chapman – Give Me One Reason (The Tailors Remix)