PANTyRAID – Get The Money


These days are ones that I truly live for and love. Yes, it may be indulgent and lazy to some to escape from the cold and insanity of outdoors by remaining inside all day, ordering delivery Pies n’ Thighs, and watching movies, but at the end of the day, I got a yoga practice out of it all. No harm done.

This song comes to me at the end of a beautiful day spent with beautiful people. It’s calm enough to chill with, but there’s a little bit of extra oomph to it that motivates the soul to move. There’s definitely a Ratatat vibe to it, though definitely unique in its own sound with a significant amount of PANTyRAID flair. The experience of listening to this song has been all too surreal, and because of this, it’s been on repeat for the past hour or so.

For me it’s been like this. The mind is the spaceship control booth and this song plays over the PA system speakers. The view in front of you is inexplicable to humans, though can be ultimately summarized as such. The stars, each their own separate planet, each with its own agenda, glow in colors that don’t exist on Earth. Taking a moment to analyze the details of one means missing out on the beauty of something else. At one point, during the breakdown where the vocal sample enters ever so briefly, you realize that the destination to which you are flying is unclear. You are traveling through space with no goal, similar to how you used to drive down the middle of America with no destination. The scenes change and take shape in different forms as you truly attempt to understand what it is to see things for the first time. Rarely on Earth does this opportunity present itself — sure, traveling to other parts of the world offers an exciting lens to a different atmosphere, but with the Internet and TV, all images are replicated at one point or another. You are a child of one universe, while simultaneously experience re-birth to an entirely new and unexplored universe. How far does it go?

The feeling of newness is one that I associate with this song and listening experience. Take it in carefully, and don’t let it go so quick just to return to what you know as familiarity.

PANTyRAID – Get The Money