The Gossip – Are You That Somebody? (Aaliyah Cover)

I felt like some Aaliyah today and this remix is does a lot of justice.  Throwing you all a bomb EMPT classic on this beautiful Super Bowl Sunday, let the game begin!

Originally posted June 29th, 2011


First of all, this cover is absolute fire.

Aaliyahs Are You That Somebody is one of the most stylish R&B tracks you’ll ever hear. It was so ahead of it’s time for 1998 that only in the last 3 or 4 years has contemporary R&B really surpassed it’s innovation. The song showcased the talen of a young Timbaland, Static Major and Aaliyah, sadly two of those 3 have passed away but not without leaving their mark. That said, it takes some style, personality and a big voice to cover such a song and The Gossip’s Beth Ditto is lacking in none of those departments. The Gossip flips this jam to perfection opting for a minimalist drum and bass production putting Beth front and center. There’s so much over production these days that it’s rare to find a song where it’s all about an artist and pure expression. Beth reinvented this song in the best way possible and I had to share with you all. R.I.P. Aaliyah & Static Major.

The Gossip – Are You That Somebody? (Aaliyah Cover)