Tegan & Sara – Closer

I recently started my Masters in Music Business and have been heavily immersed in the much deeper world of music and the reasons, people and avenues that make it drive so fast.  Learning about all the fabulous marketing and publishing tactics has opened my eyes to listening to music in a different way than I have been used too.  Now I am looking for strategies in music, what makes it marketable, what television shows, commercials or movies would pick this up, what drawer in my catalog would I stick this track in or is it simply just a throwaway that is only slightly appealing to the artist that made it.  I even have to now look at my own music this way, with a much more critical and judgmental drawing board , which let me tell you, is scary at first, even though I happen to be my biggest critic.  I am now sizing myself up in a completely different way that doesn’t have to do with picking apart my vocals or performance but whether or not the music itself and the whole package of that one track will be able to sell to all these different avenues and networks…YUP it’s a lot to take in and a hell of a lot of information and I am not even through half of it, but it brings me to the point of choosing this track by Tegan & Sara for my writing and your reading pleasures today.

This Canadian sister duo caught my ear with their up tempo indie pop/rock sound which made my “business” light bulb start to burn as I thought of how marketable this track is!  Everything from the fun and fast synth sounds to the lyrics scream out to a lot of avenues for this track in particular.

It’s not just all physical
I’m the type who won’t get oh so critical
So let’s make things physical
I won’t treat you like you’re oh so typical
I won’t treat you like you’re oh so typical.”

So let’s way the options for Tegan & Sara just for a second.  Disney movies, CHECK, chick flicks, CHECK, commercials, T.V.’s shows (GIRLS would probably pick this one up).  It’s got an obvious niche which is what we always want to be looking for.

For those musicians, new publishers, marketers, etc. reading this, I think it’s so important to look beyond your emotional feelings towards your own music and the music you are trying to get on the map.  These days it’s all about moving with the flow of the future and surprising yourself instead of always staying in that safe place.  Finding that mass appeal in your work without compromising it at the same time..YES it’s possible!

I hope this all inspires you to take a closer look at what you are doing with your skills and how to make them known even if they have nothing to do with music, but hell, who am I kidding, music is in everything, enjoy!

Tegan & Sara – Closer