EMPT Presents: Bored Teenagers Vol. 1 by Annie Woods


Every so often in the most seemingly random and abstract ways the universe connects me with wonderful, like minded souls that come into my life to enrich, challenge and compliment everything I know about music. Most recently, in no less arbitrary fashion I met Annie Woods, a long term frequenter of EMPT whose taste in music and outlook on life is so Space Age it kinda freaks me out. Long story short, after realizing we were cut from the same cloth we decided Annie should bring her taste and talents to EMPT. So without further ado Annie Woods ladies & gentleman…

There is something so beautiful about being bored when you are young that you do not come to understand till you are older and have to deal with weight of the world. Being bored drove me into the arms of music, I remember driving around after (a lot of times during) school and just listening to music and driving up and down the coast. I was a day student at a boarding school in Northern California, we didn’t have proms or dances, the fear of experiencing life plagued the school. It created a kind of reckless boredom that inspired me to do whatever I wanted to do. Music was the only thing that comforted my teenage boredom.
These days boredom, like so many of the beautiful feelings and emotions of youth, is a state I can only relate to in memories. When I’m idle or “relaxing” in the back of my mind there’s always something I could be doing. Even when I’m doing something there’s something else on the horizon. I can’t seem to move fast enough to accomplish all the things I want out of life, it is overwhelming.  It use to be that music was the only thing that comforted my teenage boredom, these days it’s the only thing that comforts the overwhelming engrossment of adult life. I challenge you to be bored and turn up your headphones as loud as possible and listen to this mix I have made for you. 

Yours Truly,