Foals – My Number (Hot Chip Remix)

foals my number

I’m a pretty grounded guy most of the time. My nature is such that I’m the type to live in my own head, to seek out and process all the angles before moving forward. Today is different. Today I don’t exactly know what to do with myself.

I’m basically coasting in the afterglow of my good fortunes. I received some good news the other day and I’m really just starting to feel the effects. It’s go me a bit tweaked is what I’m saying.

Perhaps it’s just an effect of the mind. Apparently the nerves in our bodies, the lines that carry electrical impulses across our bodies move kinda… slow. Like I’m only talking a few miles and hour slow. Some of the slower ones are found in our brains, like the neurons transmitting info to the rewards center. You don’t get to experience something as you’re really doing it, in other words. Our minds tease us a little bit, in other words, keeping us from getting what we want and delaying us the sensation of the moment.

But I’m not mad about it. I’m still swept up in good vibes, less coasting and more getting pushed along. What was inertia is now momentum; the interstitial gulf between what I wanted and what I’m striving is starting to shrink just a little bit.

And I find that this Hot Chip remix of Foals’ My Number is a solid accompaniment to the sublime giddiness I’m experiencing.

“Cause I feel
I feel alive
I feel, I feel alive.”

Pure class.

That’s all I really need to say on this track. But what did you expect? Hot Chip is about as solid a stamp of quality there is in the electropop game. I must admit, I’m not entirely familiar with the source material. I used to bump Foals a lot more in my early college days, way way back in 2008 when their debut Antidotes was fresh and new. But my tastes would shift, as they’re wont to do. In a funny bit of timing it looks like the band changed direction as well. However, their catalog is a sonic dive for another day.

Onto the matter at hand. This thing is positively buoyant, bolstering the soaring vocals of Yannis Phillppakis under some synths that are equally mannered and indulgent. The beat is pulsing but never overextends its reach, pushing the track along without distraction. There’s a bit of a nagging sadness, but weaving clashing emotional currents into compositions? That’s just a hallmark of strong songwriting.

Here’s hoping fortune smiles upon you today.

Foals – My Number (Hot Chip Remix)