Para One – Every Little Thing Remix (Featuring Cam’ron, Irfane & Teki Latex)

para one every little thing remix camron irfane tekilatex

Who could’ve seen this coming?

We live in a world that leaves us over stimulated and prone to disaffection. Blasé attitudes and nonchalance can certainly be an attractive pose. It’s natural – how many times have you found yourself it pursuit of another when they met your advances with a reaction that registered just beneath indifference? So we might stifle our true feeling. Rather than allow an uncoordinated reaction make us look foolish, we might bury our stronger impulses only to find later that they’re harder to dig back up again later. And sometimes things stay dead.

So what happens when you’re greeted with something that’s so flush with greatness like this? Was anybody asking that Cam’ron hop onto a French electro cut from last year? If it was you, please raise your hand. Don’t be shy, we’re all grateful for what you’ve accomplished.

Para One’s Passion was one of the great surprises of last year, an album that was nuanced, catchy, and never failed to sound unique. So its fitting, then, that the man born Jean-Baptiste de Laubier has given us one of the first great surprises of 2013. Every Little Thing was one of the standouts from that album and that haven’t done much to the original outside of Killa Cam’s presence all over this thing. His verses act as a welcome counterbalance to the romantic melancholy of the original. A pitch-shifted would-be lothario speaks of not “wanting to come across as a lonely man” and of throwing pebbles at bedroom windows. Then Cam rolls in.

Girl I know this
That bod you got, it’s hot
I’m focused
I usually tell a girl to blow this
Then disappear, in the air, like

I’m want some knowledge, some knowledge baby
I’m smart of you
Real smart, got a car too
But like a car, I’m startin’ you…”

But putting it to paper doesn’t really do it justice. It’s all in the delivery, from Cam’s sibilance to the confidence in his voice that makes everything sound tossed off without a second thought. This braggadocio is a natural fit atop the plush instrumental underneath. Did I mention the instrumental? Pangs of lush 80s synths are pinned together with some very vintage sounding drum beats.

Like manna from heaven.

Para One  – Every Little Thing Remix (Featuring Cam’ron, Irfane & Teki Latex)