Jahan Lennon – Can’t Ruin My Fun

Where’s your head at Jahan? Please let me know because I wouldn’t mind being there myself.

I know Mad Decent has a reputation for puttin out dem quality clappers and bangarangin’ beats. But that status might become more inclusive and less genre specific in the future, if this cut from Jahan Lennon is of any indication.

Eh, perhaps it’s best not to read too much into this. This is still dance music, albeit undercover. No, that’s not quite right. It’s dance music that’s inspired by music from times that came and went well before the wobbles of dubstep and the pure melody of big room house – elements that are that are so pervasive today – were figurative twinkles any nascent DJ’s ears. Then again, Lennon may have gotten himself onto Jeffree’s – the gratis release imprint for M.D. – just on the strength alone of the great pun that is his nom de guerre. You get it, right? I hope so. We here at EMPT don’t like to be in the business of schooling you too hard. Our mission is to share and share alike, and Can’t Ruin My Fun is something you gotta hear.

The track is white-hot mysticism of the highest order, meant to be cranked at the loudest of volumes. Barely letting up over the duration of its near four and a half minute run time, the thing runs ragged and sounds loose. Jahan‘s vocals never rise too much above laconic, even when he’s imploring us all to, “find a way.” This after Lennon talks of himself (or his friend? or maybe us?) surfing the sands and getting a tan in Pakistan. This is clearly a guy who knows that it’s about the journey, not the destination.

The ever-present drum loop keeps the movement brisk and popping; the clattering, four on the floor beat would get anything moving. There is some swirl found in the guitar lines. A twangy lead rings out over the gentle buzz of the bass. It has the effect of pulling me up and lifting me off the ground and, with the closing of my eyes, I’m taken exactly where I want to go. Audio escapism at its finest.

Stay trippy.

Jahan Lennon – Can’t Ruin My Fun