Carousel – Another Day


If you needed any more proof that warmer days are ahead, look at what music is dropping. Music may not directly reflect what’s happening in (almost) every sector of our world like fashion does; like James Blake isn’t going to release a song about sipping summer mimosas in May because it’s almost summer. He’d probably release a track dedicated to autumn chill before anything else. What I mean to say before I digress any further is that sometimes the music world and the rest of the world work in concert together to complement the changes surrounding us. So as we shift from winter to spring (hopefully, the Northeast’s weather has been a little schizophrenic as of late), artists are coincidentally releasing music that’ll have you feeling as free and easy as a summer Sunday afternoon.

We first wrote about Carousel back in January. We said that they’re a band worth keeping an eye on, and two weeks ago the Brooklyn duo dropped this track. Needless to say, its been on repeat. From the moment the synths kick in, images of light-leaked 16mm film of beach-side longing, bike riding through some unknown town you and your friends decided to explore one weekend, and nights where the sun stays out to play until 8 PM come to mind.

Did you know that I’ve never felt this way before?
I can tell that you’re quiet, but you feel it too
Could I tell you that I’ve  never had a real girlfriend before?
I’d be surprised if you said that I could have that too
You know your touch
Oh, you got me feeling 
You’re starting to break me you’re on your way
Oh, you got me feeling I wanna stay
I wanna stay
Another day
Did you know that I could be everything you want and more?
Just tell me what it is about me you adore
Don’t act like this can’t get you through
You’ll be surprised that I already adore you, too.”

If there was an ode to innocent summer love, this would be it. The honesty is endearing. It’s a track about something we all want to experience (or perhaps that’s just me trying to justify my silly little dreams). The carelessness warm weather brings has this uncanny ability to make dropping your guard easy. For whatever reason, we become more of ourselves in the summer than we do in the winter. Maybe it’s the summer Fridays or maybe it’s the fact that we don’t have to really worry about layering for the possible snowstorm on its way. Whatever the case, summer reignites our sense of self and that’s a great thing. Carousel’s love letter will do just that. It’s a breezy electro-pop tune that’ll have you daydreaming of the days ahead. It’s also the perfect track for a Sunday — light, a little bubbly, but grounded in honesty and wholehearted truth; all things necessary towards starting your week off right.

Here’s to Sunday.

Carousel – Another Day