Kris Menace Featuring Black Hills – Waiting For You (Oliver Remix)

Can you imagine what the world is going to look like in five years? In ten?

The march of progress, in technology and culture, is inexorable. The really great thing about it? Our vision of tomorrow is constantly shifting. So which future are you looking forward to? There’s those that think our urban centers are going to take an agrarian turn. I’m not talking farms in your backyard as much as massive towers, smartly laid out with open indoor green spaces and fauna covering the exterior, that are more organic than they are pre-fab. Hell, some close friends of mine are looking forward to getting uploaded to the internet, Matrix-style.

Though it is looking less and less likely an outcome, there will always be a spot in my heart for some kind of Blade Runner-esque metropolis. With less grime, of course. At least that possible future has a bit of character to it! A bit of grit to go along with the towers imposing their size and geometry against the sky and the sleek user interfaces of our floating Minority Report computer screens.

I’ve been biased by today’s musical selection. It’s impossible not to conjure those visions while Kris Menace Featuring Black Hills’ Waiting For You (Oliver Remix) is pumping through my headphones.

Well, there’s a bit more glamour and glitz in Waiting For You. But the vibe is about right. The synths alternatively twinkle and warble high in the mix or they’re providing the full-bodied mid-range bounce. The remix manages this wholly contemporary trick of integrating some of dubstep’s penchant for glitchy maximalism, nu-disco’s devotion to melody, and a very 80s brand of confidence.

No matter what philosophy on where the world is going you subscribe to, I’m certain you’ll be able to get down with this.

Kris Menace Featuring Black Hills – Waiting For You (Oliver Remix)