Bat For Lashes – All Your Gold

It’s supposed to be seventy degrees outside today, and I have shivers because of this song. Bat For Lashes strong feminine vocal presence is responsible for most of my emotion right now. But that guitar that lasts through the entire song, what should be just a highlight introduction, gives the song an edge. This is what makes the vocals stand out. Each are doing different things, and they blend together beautifully.

There was someone that I knew before,
A heart from the past, that I cannot forget
I let him take all my gold, and hurt me so bad
But now for you, I have nothing left.”

There’s something so inherently innocent and simple about this song. Listeners can relate quickly, and yet, it’s not a sad song. If anything, it’s a little more attitude driven. There’s that punch. Almost as if to say, look what you’ve done, more than anything else. It’s that idea that your mom probably talks about when she warns you about falling in love. Give it your all if you’re sure, but be skeptical. But more importantly, don’t give your best kept things away. Cherish a few things of your own, keep some secrets.

In other words, don’t give all of your gold away.

Bat For Lashes – All Your Gold