Classixx – All You’re Waiting For feat. Nancy Whang

Classixx fondles the inner ears with a pumped up tune that breathes the summer that is slowly creeping down our necks. That’s right fellas, Brooklyn is a whole different place right now as shorts make guest appearances for a day, and skirts appear by the plenty. This song breathes a whole new life to the Classixx that I know. Yes, it’s got the edgy ’80s styled electronic pop(!) but these bass lines…I don’t know, it might just be me, but I feel like there’s more happening here.

Hey wait a minute, just a minute I was ready for the flight
Got my bags packed waiting on the driver curve
So just a minute, take a minute for the change-up
I’m all set to go, set to go.”

I think it’s that feeling of lifting off that this song is on the edge of, lyrically, as it tells its story, but also in its tone. I feel like I’m just about to fly, but something keeps bringing me back to the ground. That’s cool with me, I’m okay with not flying today. I know, everyone says flying is like, the ideal thing to graduate to. We all want to fly I guess, and that’s fun but what about just staying put for a minute? Is life on the ground that hard to deal with? It can’t be. I’m sitting in a cafe working on my last paper of my undergraduate career, and you know what? The last thing I feel like doing is flying. I think that’s why I’m into this song, because I realized that I don’t have to take off.

We can just stay put and enjoy.

Classixx – All You’re Waiting For feat. Nancy Whang