Music Remixes

José Gonzalez – Crosses (Dinner Date Remix)

What has this beautiful day done for you today? Has it served you in any way? Better yet, have you served it? Summer hasn’t made up its mind yet and I’m trying to figure out how my new found freedom from school is going to serve me, and in the process of doing so, I’ve allowed myself to re-discover my days. How they’re spent, how productive I am, how I interact with others. Something that I’ve learned recently, and appropriately timed I think, is that if the people you love in your life aren’t able to tell you how to spend your days and how to do so better, then nobody else will tell you. That is to say, sometimes, we just need a little help figuring out how we carry out our actions. I don’t intend for this to sound preachy, because it’s not. They’re just notes, something that I’d probably write down in a journal, but have chosen to share with you all because not everyone has those special people in their lives to tell them what’s up.

I’m really thankful for that. This song comes to me on a day of great productivity. Not in crossing off things from a list, not that I have a list really at this point. I think my list just ended, and all I really need now is to assess what’s around me that I’ve sort of taken for granted. This day has been productive in doing just that, and that’s why it’s a beautiful day.

José Gonzalez’s soothing and entrancing voice illuminates an electronic, but mellow, roller coaster. It’s travels up and down, but it mirrors how I feel right now. It’s a calm after the storm, dreamy and unbelievable. This remix has just the right amount of musical elements in it, that highlight the guitar, making the areas where there are vocals shine through with brilliance.

I feel the same way about this song as I did the first time I heard Chris Carter’s bootleg of Big Jet Plane. Someone, maybe Mollz, wrote about it last summer I think and I remember the post and song feeling so in sync that I couldn’t allow it to leave my memory. I hope this post has a similar effect.

José Gonzalez – Crosses (Dinner Date Remix)