ASTR – Operate (The Chainsmokers Remix)

ASTR - Operate Cover ART

Did some one say The Chainsmokers, and it’s Thursday?! Yup it’s Thursday and you know what that means, the weekend has officially started and what would the weekend be without a little Chainsmoker love.  Once again I open my email and out comes a this sexy track and it slaps me right on the ass, but you know what…I liked it! Alex and Drew definitely made some sweet love to this already stella track, and I mean isn’t that what Summer is all about, making sweet love over and over and over again.  Wow, sorry I think I lost myself there for a split second, so without further ado (before I get too off track), the dudes themselves have a little explaining to do:

Quick Rundown on its making:
ASTR shot us the stems and the song came together really fast. With amazing vocals and instrumentation like in the original, this song was sorta true to the expression dont try to teach an old dog new tricks…. the song was already so full, so we weren’t trying to revolutionize it, even stripped of its instrumental it had class, it was really just a matter of finding sounds that were simple. We see our remixes as always being these colorful emotional experiences and this whole song is this dark plush sponge of red, and once we found our sounds, within an hour the melody was set, and it was just a question of pouring sand into a bottle of rocks (PS way to many metaphors in that description).”
The NYC Dj/Production Duo, The Chainsmoker’s, Drew and Alex have recently headlined Marquee Dayclub in Vegas and BangON music Festival. There last three remixes went #1 on HypeMachine and have some big plans for upcoming material. But most importantly coming up they have a very special show at Marquee in NYC their hometown on JUNE 29th, for which they prepared this special production edit for the night MARQUEE SUNRISE EDIT and tickets can be pre purchased here: Marquee NYC Pre Sale.

Go check these guys out if you haven’t already, I am telling you from experience you won’t be disappointed and you will be coming back for more.  Ok ok, press play and get the weekend started, enjoy!

ASTR – Operate (The Chainsmokers Remix)