Music Remixes

Clean Bandit – Dust Clears

I’ve raved about Clean Bandit before, and I’m so ready to rave about them again. Here’s a group that seems to be doing everything right. There’s eclectic sound, a variety of vocals, and clever beats. It makes me so happy to learn about music like this, where the music makers are truly testing their boundaries and learning a new language with one another. I can only imagine what brainstorming sessions are like with the members of this band, a conversation in the language that is music. For each group of musicians, the subject matter may be different. For some, the conversation brings out each musicians strengths, inspired so much by the surroundings that the ultimate work can be called their very best work. I imagine that this is what the music making process is like for Clean Bandit. 

This lovely new melody is perfect because of how unpredictable it is from the beginning. The moment a woman’s voice enters during the chorus, the ears are ready but unsuspecting. The lyrics are awesome, too, speaking to not only my current mindset, but many others I’m sure.

Imagine if the life that you thought you shared
Wasn’t really there.
It was made up in your mind,
Could be anyone, anywhere,

‘Cause you’d been living in a world of your own design, undermined,
In another place other space in time.

As the dust clears and it all starts to disappear,
It may get harder ’cause you just restarted.

You better get real, real, real and
Realize that the situation’s going nowhere.
Because you act so tough I’ve totally lost control.
So please try to understand that if I could
I’d call and I would be there.
And if it didn’t hurt so much you know I’d give you it all.

It’s a universal idea, something we all deal with. The reality that lies underneath whatever infatuation we have, the truth behind all the bull $h*t, is always a lot harder to deal with. I love that line especially, it may get harder, ’cause you just restarted. The hardness is still to come, as is the discomfort. Look forward to it because it makes your reality that much better. The hard work for the happiness is the only way the happiness exists.  The contrast in vocals and sounds creates a beautiful duality to the subject of this song, which is so honestly real. So as the tune gets stuck in your head, allow the lyrics to remain as well, because they’re worth thinking about.

The new EP doesn’t come out until the end of July, so you can check out Dust Clears for now and anxiously await what will probably be an awesome production of music. Apparently Alt-J, and Russ Chimes are among others that remix this very track.

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