Missy Elliot – Gossip Folk (Miles Felix Funk Remix)

Feeling this tune. Gimme that funky disco sound any day and I instantly get in the groove of the weekend. Strangely, I asked someone where Missy Elliot was the other day and serendipitously found this link coming fresh from producer Miles Felix, makes sounds from Brooklyn. The original Gossip Folk is such a great anthem with Missy doing what she does best with her raspy delivery and Ludacris making a much appreciate cameo. This is a perfect harmony of hip-hop and funk.

I appreciate when you put on a song and it gets into your head with its lyrics and sound, but this is not one of those songs. This is song that gets in to your body and makes you move when you listen to it. Freeing you from heavy thoughts and heavy shoulders. This is a tune exuding hip-hop and brought to life with disco flavor and a saxophone. The dance floor at your next house party will thank me.

Miles Felix – Gossip Funk (Gossip Folks Remix Missy Elliot)