Clubfeet – Cape Town (Panama Remix)

Clubfeet - Cape Town

I’ve been on a bit of an Australia kick lately. Today’s badassery comes from two separate Aussie bands, Clubfeet and Panama. The track is Panama’s remix of Clubfeet’s ‘Capetown’. The original track (and its AMAZING accompanying video), is a bouncy, soulful dance jam. Clubfeet, a critically acclaimed Aussie five piece synth/pop band, have two fantastic records under their belt. Capetown is off of their newest and is one of its better cuts. Their music is complex, versatile, and perfect for any dance party, anytime.

Panama brings the disco even harder with their remix. The track starts with a tight piano cluster. Clubfeet’s airy vocal + deliciously almost-sarcastic lyrics (“everybody buy me a drink, it’s my birthday”), come in soon after. Panama keeps it sparse and punchy, adding in a simple but memorable slap bassline and driving  drumbeat. The result is pretty damn close to perfection.

Australia’s indie dance scene is kicking it hard, and this track is no exception. Clubfeet just finished a tour with Panama, making this collaboration even more excellent. Hopefully they’ll make their way to the states soon. I’ll be right in the front row dancing.

Clubfeet – Cape Town (Panama Remix)