Rihanna – Stay (Marius Hörsturz Edit)

I have one week left here in London. After being here two weeks, it rained for the first time late last night. Not just the typical rain like London does. Lightening storms over the city. This burst of light, a force of energy really, just got me back to thinking and working and playing in the real world. Sometimes when I take  a break from life, I need a reminder that the world is turning, its making fresh energy.  So when you run out or away, it is still churning out new sources of life. Pouring through the streets of London or LA or wherever you find yourself.

I feel that about this song. The original Rihanna release was overplayed nearly immediately upon release, but this new edit from Marius Hörsturz has given this song a revitalized energy. Hörsturz, adds in a deeper house sound and heavy vocals laying this on the memorable piano tune from the original track and adding in his personal style of chill house, as he notes it. You can feel this new energy which has been infused into this song bringing it from a solemn plea for more time to a throbbing, airy tune penetrating your ear drums for more. Taking a break-up song to a dance tune.  Marius Hörsturz is someone you should definitely take the time to explore more of. With some of his other recent edits, like Asta – My Heart Is On Fire and  The XX – StarsHörsturz delivers deep house edits filed with the vigor needed to bring you back from wherever. If you wish.

Rihanna – Stay  (Marius Hörsturz Edit)