Ta-ku – Higher (Flume Remix)


I am not sure quite how to approach writing about this song. It is a layered with amazing artists and allows for the listener to flow through them all fluidly.

Ta-ku created Higher sampling from Starz, a tune produced by J Dilla who contributed countless beats during his lifetime as a prominent producer. Ta-ku has also has released numerous tracks this past year which highlight his style as a base-heavy DJ creating tracks which feel like they knock the wind out of you with every well-placed sample and drum. (Also recommend looking at his mixes The Presets – Fall and/or I Miss You).

The recent edit of the song by Flume adds more of an upbeat edge to the mix. Flume, a 21-year old producer from Sydney, brings up the tempo and plays with the sample to make the perfect song to listen to when you want to give the room a boost. Flume has been featured on this site before and also released my favorite track of the summer one month ago (Disclosure – You & Me Flume Remix) bringing him to the masses.

This song is guaranteed to give you a bounce in your step.

Higher – Ta-ku (Flume Remix)