Joywave – Tongues (feat. KOPPS) [The Hood Internet Remix]


Sometimes you just feel like an alien. What was once familiar feels more foreign than ever. It’s like returning to a place and realizing that it will never hold the same feeling as it once did, no matter how deeply engrained it is in your memory. You want to reconnect and communicate what you’ve learned, but the effort proves futile. You no longer identify with certain relics of the past, no matter how much you wish you could.

The palms are down, I’m welcomed back to town.
Sometimes I feel like they don’t understand me
I hear their mouths making foreign sounds
Sometimes I think they’re all just speaking tongues.”

Everyone undergoes periodic phases of nostalgia: little triggers activate old patterns of thinking and your mind is flooded with past associations, continuously being reconstructed and looping incessantly through your mind. Reminiscing is a wonderful part of human experience but the simple truth is this: the past is the past and change is constant. Your perfect little snow-globe representation has shattered and you realize it’s up to you to sweep up the shards of glass and carry on. The time’s are a changin’ and will never feel quite the same again.

This track by Joywave perfectly embodies the feeling of inevitable displacement– in a really upbeat way. The lyrics are stammeringly eloquent, and this Hood Internet remix is a booty shaking guarantee. The Chicago based mash-up duo demonstrates their ability to actualize groove potential once again. It’s a jammy kind of jam with an infectious hook where you’ve got no choice but to get up and shake it off.

Sometimes you just have to pull a Curtis Mayfield and “move on up”.

Change is inevitable. Change is daunting. Change itself is the only constant; this is precisely why it is so wonderful. What was familiar becomes foreign and what was foreign becomes familiar. The spontaneous nature of life rests upon the wisdom of insecurity, and sometimes there’s nothing to do except embrace the uncertainty.

They say I’m the only one who can be brave
That I am the chosen one
But there’s no way, that I am the only one
And there’s no one to save
If there’s nowhere for them to run.”

Joywave – Tongues (feat. KOPPS) [The Hood Internet Remix]