Lucius – Hey, Doreen

Hey, Doreen is the first single of Lucius’ upcoming full length Wildewoman (ooh gurl. Good title). The song certainly draws sonically from Lucius’ past EP (Man, I’m still not over this amazing acoustic live video of Turn Around), but takes it quite a bit further. It’s still has Lucius’ signature soaring two and sometimes three part harmony. It still has that 90s indie sound, but incorporates just a hint of 60s psych pop/piano lines (a la The Zombies), and quite a bit of Motown inspired rhythm section/tambourining. That’s a verb I just created, and I feel pretty good about it.

Back to Lucius. Combine all of the aforementioned elements and you’ve got a delicious new Lucius track that makes me pretty excited for the record. This is the kind of song you want to listen to on headphones. Because I can 99.99999996% guarantee you that your shitty Macbook speakers won’t do justice to the intricate, incredibly well thought out audio of this track.

The melody is in a considerably lower range than I’ve heard Jess and Holly do, with a chorus more in the range I’ve heard them belt. The prechorus/chorus is some signature Lucius excellence: Melodically solid and incredibly memorable without being annoying. And I’d like to give a special shoutout to their videogame esque synth interlude at 2:49. Beautiful beautiful.

All in all this bodes well for the Wildewomen themselves and Wildewomen and men worldwide. Lucius is about to head out on a pretty expansive tour with some of the more fantastic indie rockers (including Tegan and Sara, the Head and the Heart and Grace Potter). Catch em when they’re in yer area.

Lucius – Hey, Doreen