Classics Music

Ebo Taylor – Atwer Abroba


You know what no one has said, ever? “This song has too many horns in it.” Or “Hey, this is great, but could we turn the horns down a little?” Or “Why does it have to be a horn section? Couldn’t it just be one horn?” Horns are great, always, period. Case in point: This awesome 1977 track from Ghanaian guitarist and composer Ebo Taylor. Taylor, who’s still recording and releasing new music at the sprightly young age of 77, is a pioneer of the Ghanaian highlife genre, which favors “jazzy horns and multiple guitars” (thanks, Wikipedia!).

I love how lively and seductive this track is. It’s the soundtrack for a party that’s tipped past the point where people are still behaving themselves; this is a song for the loosening of inhibitions, clothes, and hips. A lot of summer music is great because it sounds like the waves, the sun, and the warm wind in your hair. This particular track is great because it sounds like the waves, the moon, and the cool sand under your feet as you dance. Find that – or the closest thing to it you can – and let the horns lift you up.

Ebo Taylor- Atwer Abroba