Zero 7 – Mr. McGee

Okay you guys, here’s the thing. Every single one of you has done something for yourself that you completely and one hundred percent supported. Whether that was a self-indulgent vacation to a foreign place you’ve never been to, a large purchase of technology, or a new experience, you know what that feeling is. I currently have that. It’s the most exciting thing ever because I have not felt this way honestly, in a really long time. I did it. I bought tickets to see my goddess queen of the musical world, in December. I can’t remember the last time I allowed something as material as a purchase make me so happy, but maybe it’s because this is the only musical lady I’ve ever genuinely loved from childhood. The consistency in my taste and her music is probably what makes the whole connection so special. But this is not necessarily the place for me to talk about this musicianI’m merely relaying an emotion and experience that I’m currently undergoing because I think you guys can totally relate on some sort of level.

The reason I talk about that with relation to this song though, is because of how happily Zero 7 has crafted this track. It’s not happy in a C2C kind of way, that is, universally happy, where anyone who hears a song of theirs just knows that there’s something to celebrate — rather, it’s happy in its lyrics and yeah, musically, it’s pretty happy. But check out these lyrics for a hot minute:

Hot on you, I’m thinkin’ of your style
I know that spell you been weaving
You, you give me what I want
That kind of thing you make me feelin.’

It’s like, sexy in some sort of primal way, sexy in a way that I associate with happiness. I feel sexy happy, I think that’s it, and yet there’s nothing remotely sexual about my happiness right now. It’s the feeling of sheer joy with oneself, with the knowledge that you did something good for you. There’s something inherently sexy about that, the awareness of self. And yeah, maybe when one is in their twenties, one tends to do a lot of things for oneself that might be selfish. But these decisions are not always good decisions. And you know, the weirdest part of this song is that it makes me feel as if I’ve got some sneaky lover in my pocket, someone that I truly adore and feel fire with, even though that’s not the case. So there’s the sexy happiness, and then there’s the actual sexiness that this song inspires. I love the duality of it all.

Anyways, I heard this song in a store last week and immediately thought it was Little Dragon which made me really excited and then overwhelmed because I thought I had missed some announcement about them releasing new music. Luckily, I was wrong as soon as I geekily shazaamed the song in the middle of the store with this huge goofy grin on my face. Honestly, the whole scene was silly, if you guys saw me you’d probably think I was some weird old lady trying to understand iPhones, phone in hand raised up in the air as if that would help shazaam function better.

Mr. McGee is the ethereal happiness you’ve been waiting for — save this song for a moment that is truly all yours. Relish in that moment, and when you’ve finished taking it all in and find yourself ready to strut at your cat (or down the street, whichever honestly works) put this on your headphones and work it.

Zero 7 – Mr. McGee