B.Lewis & Sango – Não é Nada

Change and evolution is the only thing that is promised in this world. Yet how many people are truly prepared to destroy and rebuild themselves and everything around them? Are you so comfortable or scared that you get caught up in fear or risk and lost your belief in change? It’s a hard thing to overcome, people live their lives in this fear, wars have been started because of it, progress is stalled in its name. What risk are you willing to take to embrace the one universal truth that everything changes? Most have never even considered that but you can’t stop it, just ask the dying music industry…

Music has not only seen a revolution on the business side but it has COMPLETELY changed in terms of definition. What is a genre these days? What is a classification to people who have thousands upon thousands of songs at their finger tips at all times. Listen to this record for example, it is everything happening right now all at once. It’s such a wonderful mindfuck of R&B, Trap, Baile Funk, etc. Just me trying to express it with thinking of the past does it a great injustice. Why is this the case? Because technology has destroyed the barriers of communication from human to human, no longer are we trapped to social circles and music is reflecting it beautifully.

Look at the way physical media has changed and tell thats not life. Vinyl, CDs, Cassette and all that came before it existed because of necessity. To play music you no longer need them, they’re no longer required and what was once a necessity is now nothing more than nostalgia. The world never stops. In the not to distant version of the Space Age music everywhere and nowhere, it will be one with everything. You will sit at a table and that will be music, you will lay down on your bed with a loved one and music will be there. Wearable tech is just a glimpse but the natural evolution is integration.

Nao e Nada is the definition of Space Age. This is music you ride to, dance to, chill by the water to, throw your hands in the air for, vibe without a care for. I love music that represents evolution. Time waits for no man and being stuck mentality freezes you in a forever fleeting moment. Those of us who learn to stay open are always falling in love with it, always finding new ways to appreciate and stay forever young. Vibe to this, ride to this…

B.Lewis & Sango – Não é Nada