Lollapalooza and then Some


A week later and the hangover of Lollapalooza has finally subsided. Not the partying kind, the music kind. You get withdrawals after a weekend like that. To be honest, the rumors are true about it. It is the most organized festival you can go to and it’s clean. You almost welcome the dirt after a long day of trekking back and forth Grant Park. Being that it was my first time to the lovely city of Chicago, I was in complete awe. Not just because I finally got all the references to it being the other half of Gotham City, but also because it is truly a neat place. For the festival, I applaud Live Nation as I was inspired to listen to every artist I heard after each set, as they sounded perfect. Through the ocean of crop tops and man tank tops, there was something beautiful there, the music.

There is a hilarious poster which notes the “American Festival” having that 80’s band you sort of listened to, Mumford and Sons, Kendrick Lamar, that singer / songwriter you can’t remember the name but should try and see, etc. Don’t fret, they were all there. And it was marvelous. So we don’t need to go on about how great the Cure was, it should go without saying that is like the world’s biggest sing-a-long for 2 hours. I would, however, love to make some quick notes about the acts I saw that stood out.

The Neighbourhood – This is the fifth time I have seen them. They had recently released an album showcasing the sultry lead vocals and the bands ability to create some sexy tunes giving equal credit to catchy guitar sounds and a base which keeps you hanging on to their every chord. The lyrics, oh the lyrics, are dark and sexy and beg you to get undressed.

Band of Horses – OK. They are a massive act. And I definitely cried when they played the Funeral. It was absolute magic to hear them live. Truly a beautiful moment at the festival.

Chance the Rapper – A very cool artist ( Favorite Song produced by Nate Fox – amazing track is available with the Childish Gambino) and overall really fun to see live. Great rapping with a smooth sound and an eldritch voice.

Charles Bradley – If you are at all in to James Brown, look this wonderful man up. An entertainer with vocals which had a bandana wrapped mob dancing along in the heat along with him. (Check out This World Is Going Up In Flames). I found a fun mix I think would appeal to the readers here with David Guetta. Enjoy a moment where funk meets electric. Beautiful.

Palma Violets – By far, the best new band I had seen. People were stopping to listen or walking back to the Bud Light stage and just staring at them. Look up where they will be next and buy some tickets with your fun friends. The music is what will likely play in a movie when they film the night everyone remembers forever (Best of Friends is the tune to look up for this moment).

Jake Bugg – I had heard about him a while ago and made it a point to see him. Just amazing. Arguably the singer / songwriter in my poorly executed joke above. He will blow you away. Download the song below and go for a drive. It is that kind of music to make you take the long way to wherever.

On that note, I give you some examples of the talented crew who made this festival the best Lolla ever.

Jake Bugg – Seen It All

Charles Bradley Vs David Guetta – No Time for Love

Chance the Rapper – Favorite Song (ft. Childish Gambino)