Clams Casino – I’m God

I want to bring this song back. It sounds like the end of summer. The sound of energy coming back. As if you have to inhale it. Yes, it came out ages ago, but was never featured here and deserves a revisit to accompany the turning seasons, the beginning of fall.

Clams Casino, a hip hop producer from New Jersey has released numerous equally as memorable tracks since this song. Notably working with A$AP  Rocky in the recent months. Sampling Imogen Heap for the vocals, this instrumental track brings back the sweet memory and style of the Garden State soundtrack with a more base. All of which give you that feeling of an amazing end. The comfort in the moment.

That is what fall is as your mind, for the first time, remembers that the sweet sweat of summer is drying and the cool sound of fall is near. I love this song. Clams Casino has woven in delicate percussions that gently lay upon the vocals. Only when you plug in your headphones can you appreciate the deeper bass below this top coat of soft sound. Welcome the change and the season.

Clams Casino – I’m God (instrumental)