Hooray for Earth – No Love

hooray for earth

This has been a weird summer for me. I can’t seem to bring myself to get too excited about anything. I suppose I’d describe it as a sort of pervasive apathy. This new “October in August” weather isn’t helping either. I know I should be celebrating its livability, but it’s actually just another factor drastically altering my equilibrium.

I’m not alone, either. When I speak to most of my friends they’re either feeling the exact same or varying degrees of similar. Maybe it’s something in the water, or maybe I should get new friends, but I’m pretty sure it has more to do with all of us performing for invisible stages. I think our brains are just finally giving up on us and insisting we take a break from displaying our lives (online, mostly), as perfect tableaus of success.

I guess we all find ourselves in that place, sometimes. I certainly feel it in the lyrics for Hooray for Earth’s no love. The song’s audio is magnificent and I want to do it justice as well (stay with me here), but here’s a good snapshot from their song that I just can’t get out of my head.

“This time, no love is what I need
but I want to want to love
I want to want to learn“.

Oh fuck yeah, Hooray for Earth. Just tell it like it is. Because we all DO “want to want to love.” We all “want to want to learn.” But sometimes no love is just what we need, despite what we think we want. Whether it’s in a relationship or any other area of our lives, sometimes we need to take a break and acknowledge where we are. Alone.

So, yes. Here we are on a lovely morning. As I said, the song audio stands up just as well: It’s unapologetic synth pop with a driving beat and a solid amount of harder rock elements. It was mixed by Chris Coady, and good god you can hear it in the best sort of way. Let yourself be however you are, wherever you are. Give this track a spin. Even if you’re feeling GREAT about everything, it’ll just make you feel better.

Hooray for Earth – No Love