Saint Motel – My Type (Keith Sweaty Remix)

Everything about this song oozes energy.

Saint Motel, a Los Angeles foursome, present My Type with a powerful sound of glam rock and electronic. The original track brings you in with a horn setting a loud beat from the first second. The tempo is kept with the lead singer’s lyrical movement and the vivacious, funky beat from the band. This is not one to look over if you have a hankering to hear something like the Stroke‘s got glitter-bombed by 80’s rock. The unique qualities of this song could be attributed t0 the delicate guitar riffs highlighted near the bridge or perhaps the  layering of instruments which come in and out creating a beat that no one can deny.

Keith Sweaty took all of that and made it darker. You notice the  upbeat sound stripped-out leaving a perfect dance hall track with delayed horns and a tempo brought up. Keith Sweaty, or Keith Milgaten, is an interesting person to read about. He was recently featured in Nylon Men Magazine and has also been putting on shows sprinkled throughout the West. The remix compliments the original track by keeping the horns which surface through the electric waves of his remake and bringing in the vocals at varying levels of base. The song was released less than 14 days ago and should already be on your mid-week pick up mix.

Personally, She Wants Revenge and a dark club I used to frequent in Ybor City, Florida (called the Castle on Thursday nights) come to mind when I heard this remix. That could be the underlying urge I had to write about this song. The club was dark and beautiful and sweaty and oozed with tension both sexual and otherwise. This song would make a perfect addition to a dance hall like that. Everyone should have a memory in a place like that.

Saint Motel – My Type (Keith Sweaty Remix)