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Bondax – Giving It All (FKJ Remix)

Today I realized that I was once again in the metaphorical one hundred meter sprint. I used to actually run this race when I ran track, but I haven’t thought about it in years until today. Feet in running flats, toes on fire with adrenaline, haunches numb with anticipation as your heels touch your butt. That crack of the gun can represent so many different things for you in that moment, but all your focused on is the beginning and end. Blood rushes to your head, your hands are now covered in veins from the unusual amount of weight you’ve placed on them. Luckily, all your hands have to do is follow the lead of the rest of your body, and all your body has to do is follow the clear mental head space you’ve created for yourself. One thing, one focus. The end.

It’s so easy to write about that. It’s almost as easy as listening to this song. I hope I haven’t misled you guys, because as I’m sure you’ve come to expect with FKJ this tune is easy. It’s funky and immediately enjoyable. There’s no strain, but I do talk about races and keeping eyes on the finish line for a reason. This song is called Giving It All and I truly feel like September is a month that deserves our all. For the adults who no longer have to worry about attending classes in the Fall, it’s a time to relish in the end of the year and welcome new opportunities. It’s the last stretch, the last quarter.

I love that the people I’ve been talking to especially lately are all on some kind of psychic brainwave $h*t because everyone’s on the same wavelength. In my head, I’m like, cool. Welcome to my world, change. Hello new opportunities, greetings old opportunities. I will take you by force with a new vengeance and work harder than ever before. And as I look around at my social circles, doing that thing we do where we subconsciously talk about everything that is on our mind until there’s nothing left to talk about (don’t worry, we all do it and it’s not necessarily bad)…and the conversation is the same across the boards.

So that’s awesome. Because it’s really comforting to know that your headspace aligns with the rest of your world’s. Sometimes that needs to happen to reaffirm that you are doing things right, that you’re giving your all to the right thing.

Bondax – Giving It All (FKJ Remix)