Javelin – Vibrationz

It takes a long time to find yourself man and when you do you realize you just can’t go back.

The people closest to you won’t believe you, they’ll fight it, they’ll deny it. But at that moment when your heart and mind get in sync the world changes for you man. From that moment on you vibrate on a different plane and everyone you meet is in your new world, in your present and not your past. You feel it all around and you don’t have to worry about what happened, forgive yourself because you found love, you’re not there anymore and lord$ don’t worry.

It will surprise your friends, they’ll want to hold on to your past.  It will confuse your loved ones and they will have a hard time trusting you, they might even push you away. The ones who really care will be happy for you but even they will have doubts. No sweat cause you’re flying now and you can’t go back, that’s all you know because listening to your heart is the greatest feeling you’ve ever had. This new vibration inspires you, you’ve entered the realm of love and you’ll never go anywhere else and people will join you or they wont – either way it’s all good baby, baby. They’ll fade away secretly wanting your past but you’ll meet new people in this new vibration so you don’t worry, lord$ don’t worry.

Why? Because your happiness belongs to you, no one can give it to you and no one take it away.

I’m 29 years old man, it took me a long time to find myself, it took me a long time to let go of what I thought I should be and acknowledge what I am. It took me a while to understand the things in front of me. Your ego and pride can make you lie to even yourself. Your ego and pride will get in the way of honest expression. Your ego and pride will harbor fear and fear is a liar.

It takes a long time to find yourself and when you do you realize you can’t go back and anyone whose back there waiting for you will soon realize that you’re gone. Floating on clouds, vibrating on new planes, just riding, that other person gone forever. Enjoy.

Javelin – Vibrationz