Music Writing

Raffertie – Build Me Up

Fall is an incredible time for nostalgia. The profound amount of change that happens around us despite the general dislike of change is somewhat harmonious. Things happen at a constant pace, while simultaneously in a way that makes me realize that the universe has it’s eye out for those who put good energy out into the world. This song is Fall’s nostalgia. For me, someone who has only listened to Raffertie for the first time today, there’s certainly something unique and new about the music, but at the same time, it feels like every kind of music I was listening to last Fall. Cue, nostalgia.

It’s really fun to think about our transmission through space in time, especially when you look at how cyclical life is. We live in years that have four seasons, we have a birthday every year whether we want to or not, we tend to surround ourselves with people that either mirror our own personalities, or completely counteract said personalities, and baby versions of us = ancient versions of us when we’re old and senile. Everything is the same.

Last year at this time I was slowly discovering that I was in love with one of my best friends, I began dating said best friend, and I was in utter bliss. You rarely find me discussing dating matters on EMPT because I like to keep it vague, but I swear it makes sense right now. I guess I woke up feeling intense nostalgia for this time last year, realizing that my happiness today is almost equal to how happy I was back then, the only difference being that my happiness today is self-inflicted, and not imposed by another human. These are things I always consider when entering a relationship. I believe there’s a certain type of happiness we experience alone, and a different one that we experience with another human. It’s that difference in happiness, though both important and substantial, that has me currently feeling so nostalgic. In this feeling of nostalgia, I’ve been pretty introspective, particularly because of how different the circumstances are today. Realizing that my happiness was momentary and that my love was only temporary, that I am not in love anymore, is a weird feeling. I guess I feel the need to share it because we’ve all been through break ups and transitions, and it’s really important to acknowledge the before and after. Before my relationship even ended, I thought to myself, “I know I’m going to look back on this time at some point in my life and be really pleased.”

I guess today is about indulging in Raffertie’s one of a kind sound. It’s about remembering our past and cherishing our present.

Raffertie – Build Me Up