Honey Bones – Dragg

Honey Bones - Dragg














This is my ideal pre-Fall jam. A meandering guitar riff and hazy chords scream summer, but the claps scream wake up bitches it’s sweater weather. Seriously, stop worrying about those strange summer growing pains because summer is over and WINTER IS COMING. Hasn’t anyone been paying attention to the damn Stark family?

Honey Bones is the digital collaborative effort between two life long friends now separated by state lines. California-based Ivan sends guitar/bass tracks to Idaho-based David who supplies vocals and production. The two have an incredible grasp of funk + disco + jazz technique, blending anthemic club riffs with laid back jazz sections.

“Dragg” is the first single off of their self-titled EP (Download Free Here) and has a phenomenal electro-pop vibe complete with mellow tones and a shimmering chorus, a formula similar to many high profile Swedish artists. Take a listen to “Dragg” below and keep an eye out for further releases.

Honey Bones – Dragg