STWO – Wifey remix


For those familiar with the original soulful 90s jam “Wifey” by Next and its accompanying steamy video, the song will seem pretty hard to top. Rest assured though, French DJ and beatmaker STWO has succeeded in adding a compelling and brilliant new take on the original. Oh, has he succeeded.

What this remix does is completely disarm you. Pretty much the only thing that is kept consistent with the original is the vocal track. STWO lends his expert skills and strips the song bare. We begin with vinyl scratch and the vocal track (bare with a just a hint of added reverb). A syncopated drumbeat enters (and maintains nearly throughout) that doesn’t line up with the original track just enough to make you feel a bit thrown off. To quote Next’s song itself, that shit is “crucial, girl.” He’s got a synth pad singing triplets somewhere in there too, just to perfect this sumptuous feast of musical elements that would hitherto seem impossible to put together. Together though, due to STWO’s expertise, this shit sings. 

The Wifey remix remains consistent with the rest of his work: Minimal but penetrating. The result is unusual, ethereal and ambient. And a solid new take on /tribute to Next’s 90s classic. Happy listening.

STWO – Wifey Remix