The Wanted – We Own The Night (The Chainsmokers Remix)

The Wanted - WOTN (The Chainsmokers Remix) Cover Art


I happen to be in LA right now visiting my Man/lova/BFF, and grinding on some musical creativity.  I am missing NYC but sometimes in the name of love we need to do things outside of our immediate comfort zone.  The dudes of the infamous Chainsmokers, Alex & Drew slithered their way into my inbox the other day and I am thinking, guys, Christmas isn’t for another couple months! HA.. But seriously I couldn’t wait to post this today, it’s a perfect Friday track for all your pre-gaming, feel good, sex motivating needs.  Need I say more, I think not, for this sexy duo has made my work easy today, so without further ado:

Note from them: We normally have worked with artists that could be considered more alternative or indie, but truth be told we make music not only because we love it, but because we want it to be heard by as many ppl as possible. We will never compromise The Chainsmokers sound in our production but this was a fantastic chance to expose ourselves to an entirely new fan base, both in size and in music taste. We always said, we love pop, we love indie, and we love dance, and sometimes one of them is more prevalent but we always try and find that balance. So we think in this track we created a beautifully fun and easy remix that like chewable vitamins, is good for you and goes down easy no matter your preference….

All boy band jokes aside, we made a kick-ass remix for the insanely popular British boy band The Wanted. After-all, we are a pseudo-boy band too, so we gotta stick together… or something…
You know they tweeted this song out on friday and we got bombarded by girls demanding we put them in touch with them, not like 5 messages like 5000… do you know how cool that is, not for us of course, shit the wanted probably dont even know who we are BUT we got a taste… but hopefully you agree, we took this song to a new height and despite the main-stream essence there is something really enjoyable about it…” -Alex & Drew
Like I said, need I say more?  It’s only early afternoon here in LA, but I feel like I want to go get my Friday night started, I mean shit, it’s already 5pm in NY so it’s safe to say that it’s “5’oclock somewhere”!!
The Wanted – We Own The Night (The Chainsmokers Remix)
P.S. We are playing the first ever TomorrowWorld on Saturday 9/28 at 1230PM, we are nervous and excited! Here is an edit we made for it, its intense, but fun… The Chainsmokers – Rave The Fck Up (TW Edit). We have upcoming remixes coming out for artists’ Mikky Ekko, NONONO and Icona Pop, in addition to some Original projects that are coming along great, but we have to be hush hush about them. We also have a big show in NYC at Webster Hall with Le Castle Vania on October 11th.