Walter Sobcek – Milkshake d’Amour

Milkshake d'Amour

C’est vraiment le son classique de Paris.

I’ve often heard people say that some words are impossible to translate. Like Backpfeifengesicht. That’s German, and it means “a face that should be slapped.”


This principle holds true in music too. If you don’t live in the Bay Area, you can’t make a real hyphy track. If you aren’t from Korea, your K-Pop will never taste right. And if you aren’t a mustachioed, cigarette puffing Frenchman, you shouldn’t even try to produce French House (without a doubt the laziest genre designation in some time)

Walter Sobcek is two people. They are both French. Voila.

C’est tout.

Walter Sobcek – Milkshake d’Amour