TΛJΛN & Fwdslxsh – Beautiful

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I’ve always thought the hardest musical feat to achieve is to create a track that allows people to feel different things simultaneously. Any truly successful musician can pull it off from Stevie Wonder all the way forward to St. Vincent. I’d argue it’s the truest sign of a really great musician and certainly the calling card of one with learned experience and wherewithal.

Enter TΛJΛN. Are you ready? To directly quote Destiny’s Child, I’m not quite entirely sure you’re ready for this jelly. Just get ready for an almighty mindfuck.

TΛJΛN is 17. He started making beats last summer. Believe it or not he began on GarageBand and a Mac Mini at his onset. In September he graduated to Fruity Loops. He quickly rose in online circles (most notably majestic casual), and began collaborating with artists of considerable stature.

In writing about this track I had the immense (and unusual, for me) pleasure to speak with TΛJΛN himself. In a phone conference we discussed his life, the equipment he uses, his current and future intentions.

TΛJΛN is heavy into hip hop and the underground experimental electronic scene. He lives in Utah and is humble as all get out. He created this track with fwdslxsh, a fellow under 21 prodigy. The track began and lay dormant until they revitalized it to be featured in Majestic Casual. The rest, as they say, is history.

What really stands out to me here is TΛJΛN‘s fucking expert maneuvering of a track. Fwdslxsh‘s vocals soar. The synths and beats are soothing and touching. The final use of strings lends a poignancy that almost hurts. The fact that this kid is 17 makes me want to just pack it on up and head out to some country where no one knows my name. To say that TΛJΛN is musically wise beyond his years is the understatement of the century. I can’t imagine the heights he’s going to reach, but he mentioned a desire to DJ and a Europe tour in the works. His new remix of Justin Timberlake is the freshest and I only expect more. Keep yer eyes peeled for this name, folks.

TΛJΛN & fwdslxsh – beautiful