JHAS – Pain Au Chocolat

pain au chocolate

“Ou est la bibliotheque?” used to be the go-to French phrase for Americans. The most basic of useful phrases, that just about every tourist needs on a trip to the City of Light or the beaches of Marseille: “Where is the library?” Because an integral part of any visit to France is to get lost amidst long-forgotten tomes dating back to the days when Saint Etienne still stood majestic on L’ile de France.

Why admire the astronomical clock of Strasbourg, the beaches of Normandy, even Le Tour Eiffel itself, when a venerable library is close at hand?

Many a tutorial CD (or, now, MP3) still leads off with a lesson about Jacques and Marie struggling to find a bathroom, pay a check or find the ever-present library. But more and more, the phrase du jour is trending in a less scholarly direction.

Pain Au Chocolat. What intellectual knows not this foreign delicacy? What high end café charges less than $12 for one (made with imported Belgian chocolate, of course)?  And what airport café has less than 100 frozen in the back?

Luckily for us, JHAS doesn’t toy with stale loaves. This 20 year-old Swede serves us his fresh take on the classic standby. Sample this delectable track, and keep a napkin handy.

JHAS – Pain Au Chocolat