Star Slinger – Free


This is arguably one of my favorite weekend’s of the year. It being the weekend we celebrate Halloween in the States. When you get to see a slutty bumble bee make out with a Blue’s Brother or find yourself dancing with a strapping gentleman who is dressed as a half Batman / half regular guy sort of costume (Yeah, we get it. You don’t care but had to do something). It is a magical time where you get to pick some random thing to be for a day. I love it. This year, I have collected the essentials to pull off being Margot Tenenbaum. Mainly, so I can wear a blond wig and chain smoke without questions. Isn’t that the point of a good costume though? A free pass to be what you want for a night? This is excluding the sexy bumble bee or cat people. Unless you are in to that and also cat’s are sort of slutty in real life so not too far fetched I suppose. I digress.

Being able to do something different and be something else is just a treat though. A night off of you.

On that note, this new track from Star Slinger definitely embodies a different style and sound from his previous releases. Free, which will appear on his debut LP with a tentative release of early 2014, is a track which transcends his previous work. Star Slinger, or Darren Williams, brings us this track which highlights his ability to mix genre’s of music and creating catchy dance hall numbers with a heavy bass, playful sax riffs, and pitched vocals to make you move.

Be sure to add this one to the list for the weekend as it is sure to knock the hot pants off your date in no time.

Star Slinger – Free