Of Montreal – Triumph of Disintegration


The last ten days have been a motherfucker, 
I didn’t know if I’d survive.”

Ohhh screech it and preach it, Kevin Barnes. The first 4 seconds got me hooked right away, and it’s become an anthem for my early morning subway rides. It’s sort of fun to be that asshole with the huge headphones bopping your head to music amidst all the serious-faced suits on their way to Wall Street.

Enter hip-swaying territory with a groovy bass line, catchy doo-woop guitar lines, and plenty of falsetto ‘ooh ‘ooh’s’. Heavy lyrics ~existential musings~ superimposed over such a light-hearted, boppy melody, the perfect dichotomy that is characteristic of this awesome band. This is the Of Montreal I know and love. They are the kind of strange that makes me feel so at home… and somehow hopeful for the future of the human condition.

You had to forgive your enemy cause it was making you psychotic to keep fighting him inside of your head
But how could you allow these people whom you don’t even respect to rape your self concept and make your inner world an ugliness?

Truth. Your only real enemy is that little fearful voice inside your head. Eg0-oriented, societally induced schizotypal tendencies, anyone? Experience lies on a continuum; maybe it’s time to shatter these illusions of separation. Recognize the inner struggles, and instead of running away perhaps let yourself be enthralled by the gnarly.

Thrashed through the forest like a tormented brute, I had to make myself a monster just to feel something ugly enough to be true
And then scratching wildly at the mirror in my heart to see their doleful faces
What is the flaw in just running away? Running away fixes everything, how can I why should I stay? Just to see the triumph of disintegration? victories of devastation?”

Of Montreal – Triumph of Disintegration