Twin Shadow – Old Love/New Love


Originality is the trait I value above all others in art. I may listen to an endless list of similar-sounding British rock outfits in the car and enjoy every minute of it, but I recognize that these bands aren’t pushing the envelope. I like when an artist takes their medium somewhere it hasn’t gone before.

Tom Scholz, the founder of Boston, invented an entire range of new guitar sounds. Donna Summer and Kraftwerk began the techno movement (from opposite ends of the spectrum, yet at the same time). Steely Dan approached popular music as classical arrangers, literally struggling to find people good enough to play their complex songs. And those are just some musical examples. Consider Raphael, Van Gogh, Hitchcock, Miyazaki, Calder, Hiroshige.

Twin Shadow isn’t on the level of these artists. Not even close. But his utilization of space (a la D’Angelo) in a disco/new wave medium is exciting. And how many songs in those genres have authentic gospel breakdowns?

“Old Love/New Love” is a versatile song. It fits during either commute, at a party, in headphones over work, at the beach. Funky!


What am I supposed to say?
An old love called me yesterday…
And she sounds so sweet.
Why, she sounds so…”

Twin Shadow – Old Love/New Love